Kish Island Tour 2023

The Kish Island is one of the most famous islands of the Persian Gulf, located in the southern waters of Iran. The reason of this fame originates from its ancient, historical attraction alongside its water sports and spectacular unique nature and its wonderful coral beaches. Besides, since Kish Island is a Free Zone, it is the only place of Iran visiting which does not require any visa and visitors can stay in the island for 14 days with a travel permit in hand which will be issued upon arrival. In the following text, we are going to go through the island’s tourist attractions which annually, absorb more than 1 million visitors. We deeply believe the upcoming text would convince you to book a Kish Island tour for your next trip if you plan to travel to Iran so, keep reading to find out about Kish Island’s exceptional landmarks which will amaze you if you choose to attend a Kish tour.

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Reasons why you should book a kish Island tour

  • Historical Attractions, best part of a Kish Island tour:

The island has such an ancient history just as other places in Iran. The remains of this ancient history are now one of the most wonderful places you will ever visit which can be considered as a dominant reason to book a Kish Island tour.

  • Water Sports, the most exciting part of a kish Island tour:

The Kish Island is super famous for its aquatic sports which has made visitors, both Iranian and from other nationalities, to attend a Kish Island tour over the years.

  • Cleanliness and Safety, unforgettable experience of a Kish Island tour:

The Kish Island, also known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf, is the best place in case of pollution and safety. The island is very clean and has never faced any air pollution which means you can say with absolute certainty that you have breathed the cleanest air possible while attending a kish Island tour.

  • Shopping malls:

The island has developed a variety of modern shopping malls visiting which is one of the most entertaining activities visitors always do during a Kish Island tour.


Historical attractions worthy of a visit while on a Kish Island tour


  • Harireh Ancient City

This ancient city which apparently has been named after the queen of the city, Harireh, is located in the northern region of the island with almost 800 years of age. It is believed that some references to this bygone town is in Saadi’s Gulistan. In case you choose to pay a visit to Harireh town while attending a Kish Island tour, it is good to know that wandering through the remains of this super old town, you will see the Noble House of Harireh architectural style of which is considered to be so alike to the same ones in Yazd, Isfahan and Kashan. Bath of Harireh is the other attraction of this town which might be great to pay a visit to on a Kish Island tour. The remains of old-time walls, wells, Qanats and so forth will also astonish you, creating a great time for you on a Kish Island tour.

  • Kariz Underground City

Kariz city is actually a qanat (an ancient hydraulic system) dating back to 2500 years ago. It is located about 16 meters under the surface of the ground and has the most breath-taking coral collection on its walls and ceiling. This underground city is actually the only place in the world where you can see corals on the ceiling, therefore, do not hesitate to visit this town if you ever attended a Kish Island tour. Moreover, there is also a market, a museum, restaurants and a studio for visitors to take professional photos.

  • The Greek Ship

This ship, which was built in 1943 by a British shipyard, has been beached since 1966 for unknown reasons near the coast of Kish Island. Over the years, she has been a destination for visitors who attend a Kish Island tour, at sunset.

  • Kish Island’s traditional cistern

This monumental cistern was used to provide water of the island long ago and now it has become an attraction due to its spectacular architecture and beauty which serves as a treat for the eyes of tourists who are on a Kish Island tour. It is worth mentioning that the architectural style of this cistern is same as the ones in the city of Yazd.

  • Masheh Mosque and Amir Mosque

These two ancient mosques date back to the Qajar era, architecture of which is remarkable and can be an un forgettable experience for art-enthusiasts on a Kish tour.

  • Water sports, what you MUST experience on a Kish Island tour

Although historical attractions in Kish Island are super interesting, over the years aquatic recreations have been a real attraction both for Iranians and tourists making them attend a Kish Island tour. Diving into clean waters of the Persian Gulf and taking a close look at the life of sea animals, Snorkeling, Night Diving, Waterskiing, Parasailing, Surfing, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing, Kayaking, Jet skiing and using a Flyboard, Gyro-copter, Submarine Scooter, Shuttle, Gliders and so forth are examples of such exciting aquatic recreations of the island which you must experience on a Kish Island tour. There are beach parks or piers such as The Grand Pier throughout the island where you can go and spend your time while enjoying thrilling activities on a Kish Island tour.

Other attractions of Kish Island which should not be missed on a Kish Island tour


  • Ocean Water Park: The first Iranian themed outdoor water park based on the story of the Mystery of the Sun Castle, exploring which will be a memorable adventure for visitors attending a Kish Island tour.
  • Penguin Snow Complex: Iran’s first indoor snow center is also located in Kish Island where you can encounter a winter feel-like day during summer and enjoy winter recreations and artificial but equally real snow. In case you desire to pay a visit to this snow park on your Kish Island tour but you are worried about not having warm clothes, rest assured that you will be given proper winter clothes for free.
  • Dolphin Park: This park, also known as Dolphinarium, has attracted so many visitors on a Kish Island tour with its eye-catching features over the years. Different species of plants, Birds and mammals are being kept in the best condition possible in this complex with its 100 hectares area. Besides dolphins and penguins, other marine mammals such as sea lions and sea cats are being kept in pools filled with sea water, in such a great condition that these mammals have been reproducing so well. The famous Birds Garden of Kish is also located in this park making it a special part of a Kish Island tour for visitors. Also, an aquarium tunnel has been built in this park through which visitors pass using a train considered for this purpose.
  • Cycling Route: One other exciting recreation of this island is a cycling route which allows you to cycle around and within the island having the benefit of the nature while on a Kish Island tour. This route is approximately 75 kilometers and does not have any link to the car roads which means you are totally safe cycling in this road with your kids on their own bike.
  • Best time to book a Kish Island tour


Since the island’s weather is hot and moisty, the best time to visit the island or book a Kish Island tour would be in the cool or cold times of the year meaning March or mid-autumn. During this time of year, a cool breeze will blow helping you enjoy your time more than expected while on a Kish Island tour. For more information about Iran’s best time to visit click here.

  • How is the transportation system for visitors on a Kish Island tour?

The Kish Island has no traffic lights which means a great trip with no stops and a notable driving culture. It might be interesting for you to know that blowing car horns is forbidden in this island. Visitors who intend to travel solo or attend a Kish Island tour might want to know that the most popular transportation system in this island is taxis which mostly are in the colors of yellow and white. Also, minibuses work to transfer people within the island, as well. What’s more, there are some car rental companies from which you can rent cars and drive around the island on your own creating a more memorable time while on a Kish Island tour.

  • Accommodation in Kish Island for visitors on a Kish Island tour


Iran hotels has always been a wonder for tourists who travel to Iran. Kish Island’s hotels are no exception of this admiration since there are variety of choices for visitors who are travelling solo or are on a Kish tour. Just as any noteworthy trip destination, Kish Island has luxurious to cheap hotels for visitors to choose from. Here are some of the best hotels of the island ready to serve the visitors who are on a Kish Island tour.

  • Toranj Hotel: A five-star hotel with stilt houses and extraordinary scenery of sunrise and sunset and direct access to the beach. There are rooms in this hotel that have glass floors standing on which you can watch the sea creating excellent leisure time for visitors on a Kish Island tour in their hotel rooms.
  • Daruish Grand Hotel: One other five-star hotel of the island architectural style of which has been inspired by the Persepolis, the ceremonial capital of the Achaemenid Empire (550–330 BC). This hotel also provides its guests with lots of recreational activities creating a lovely time for visitors while on a Kish Island tour.
  • Shayan Kish Hotel: Another luxurious five-star hotel in Kish Island with a view of the Grand Pier of Kish ready to serve the ones who are interested in attending a Kish Island tour.

It is worth mentioning that there are a ton of great hotels on the island serving their guests with the best of everything, helping visitors have the time of their life on a Kish Island tour.

  • Is it expensive to travel to Kish Island?

Generally speaking, Iran is not an expensive destination for tourists to travel to, and although Kish Island is not an exception, it is obviously more affordable to travel to Kish Island by booking a Kish tour.

  • How to get to Kish Island

There are two ways for visitors to get to Kish Island. You can either take the plane and land on the international airport of the island or if you are inside the borders of Iran, you can take the train or bus or a plane to Bandar Abbas city and then use cargo ships or passenger ferries to get to the island via sea. Of course, in case you choose to attend a Kish tour planning all this will be our job or any other travel agency you choose in order to book a Kish Island tour from.

  • How can I book a Kish Island tour?

As a tour and travel agency, we are here to facilitate your trips. In order to book a Kish Island tour and for more information regarding this matter contact Info@zhivar.Net and be guided by our experts.

Let’s face it, Kish Island is literally a paradise on earth. Walking alongside exceptional coral beaches, breathing clean, fresh air and leaving your troubles behind is an experience you will never let out of your mind if you attend a Kish Island tour. Also, do note that Kish Island has more recreational places and activities than said in this article experiencing which will absolutely haunt you for the rest of your life making you attend a Kish Island tour again. Hope to see you soon!

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