As natives of the historic Kermānshāh province, which lies in a fertile valley situated on the ancient caravan route between the Mediterranean Sea and Central Asia in a region that is one of the most affluent agricultural areas in Iran, the Ghaderi family has always had instinctive heartfelt regard for the preservation and sustainability of Iran’s indigenous culture and natural environments and has thrived on having a positive impact on Iran’s rural communities and those who visit them from the outside world.

As the concept of sustainable tourism in Iran is still in its infancy, Iran has a rich natural landscape, which goes from lush jungles to large deserts, and dozens of National parks, protected areas, and wildlife refuges inhabited by a rich and colorful indigenous culture comprised of Azeri Turks, Baktiaris, Baluchis, Lors, Kurds, Qashqai, Turkomans, Nomadic and Semi Nomadic tribes that spread far beyond its classical touristic hubs such as Isfahan, Shiraz, Yazd, and Tehran.

By offering a selection of unique enriched travel experiences that journey deep into the heart of Iran’s native culture; indigenous people & their cultures, ancient world heritage sites, rural communities, and a rich natural landscape that’s home to many endemic species of plants and animals, we strive to continue to play our part in having a constructive impact on both the traveler, the local economy, the natural environment and all socio-cultural aspects of tourism development in a country were long term sustainability is still a new concept.

By choosing an experience with Zhivar, you directly support the local economy and play a valuable part in positively impacting the growth of native communities and the Iranian cultural landscape.



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